Bring the Good Eats Teach to your school or youth organization!

Good Eats Teach presentations are engaging learning opportunities for educators and parent-teacher associations to promote youth wellness, prevent and reduce childhood obesity, and provide assurance that children of all ages experience their mind-body-food connection.

Our Wellness Workshops are recipes for success! All group programs:
  • Are interactive presentations tailored to your group's needs
  • Are mobile and lively in-house field trips
  • Are aligned to National Health Education Standards
  • Include resources and support for students, staff, and PTA
  • Provide outstanding wellness opportunities to your organization
Other Services Include: 
  • Parent and staff presentations
  • Customized programs to suit your curriculum
  • Toolkits for creating, assessing, or improving School Wellness Policy 
  • Veggiecation culinary classes for students (after-school and/or in-school offerings)

Download BrainfoodEducatorGuide.pdf

A sample of available Good Eats Teach program offerings and recipes for success:

Healthy Me - Early Childhood, Ages 3-5
Our life-size kid ambassador for health, Peter the Eater, the 5-foot interactive anatomy doll, captivates young children with his hands-on approach to teaching fun and simple steps to building lifelong healthy habits. Children not only learn where their food actually comes from (not the refrigerator!), but also how to make wise food choices that strengthen their bodies. This 30-45 minute workshop comes to your classroom and is ideal for groups of up to 20 kids. 

Food Detectives - Elementary, Ages 6-10
Making wise food and lifestyle choices can lead to a lifetime of good health and improved self-esteem.  Peter the Eater, the 5-foot interactive anatomy doll, engages children with his hands-on tour of the digestive system and innovative approach to making mind-body connections. Peter shares clues to identifying and choosing nutritious foods, while also teaching kids to use their detective skills to read food labels and detect marketing deceptions. This 45-60 minute workshop comes to your classroom or auditorium and is ideal for groups up to 30 kids.   

Food Justice - Tweens & Teens, Ages 11 & Up
Students explore food and personal health choices through the lens of social justice. This includes learning how advertising influences people, how processed food impacts health, where food comes from, and how it is grown and distributed. Students are empowered and supported to explore their own community health through suggested peer-led projects. This 45-60 minute workshop comes to your classroom or auditorium and is ideal for groups of 12-30 kids.         

Nourished Superkids - Parents, PTA, School Staff
This wellness workshop for adults raises parent and school staff consciousness and skills so they may create healthier home and school environments. Learn how food affects kids on a daily basis, how to easily reduce sugar consumption, and how to create simple meals and snacks on a budget that are both delicious and nutritious. The program includes take-away materials and email support for all participants.  

Program Pricing:
  • Workshops are $180 per program, 20% discount for 3+ consecutive programs
  • Maximum of 6 workshops per day
  • Maximum of 30 children per workshop
  • Milage fees may apply