Prince Peter Eats the Sun is a foodie fairy tale to enchant all ages. This royally fresh and fun picture book teaches children that real food not only tastes great, but allows us to feel great too! Buy Prince Peter Eats the Sun

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Want to bring Prince Peter to your classroom?
The Good Eats Teach is available for book signings and school presentations featuring an interactive, life-size Prince Peter doll to help students go beyond the book and delve deeper into the importance of eating foods that don’t only taste great, but that are also great for you! Contact Good Eats Teach to schedule a royal visit from Prince Peter and receive a free signed copy of Price Peter Eats the Sun for your class library! 

Prince Peter is a 5-foot tall teaching doll with life-size, interactive digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems that allow kids to get a hands-on peek at their insides. Prince Peter, the royally good eater, knows "you are what you eat" and empowers kids to take charge of their bodies, minds, and food choices with healthy habits for all ages. 

"Live healthily and happily ever after... a picture book and cookbook promoting healthy eating for children... fun illustrations and enticing recipes complete the picture." ~ Kirkus Review